Woman Posts Screenshots From 'Bachelorette' Contestant, Gets Dragged For It

Blonde woman lying on sofa, using smartphone at home

Blonde woman lying on sofa, using smartphone at home

A woman on Twitter attempted to put a new Bachelorette contestant on blast, but it didn't exactly go as planned. The woman, named Samantha, posted a series of screenshots depicting texts from "Roller Boy Ryan" that she found weird.

The latest season of The Bachelorette kicked off on Monday (May 14), so, viewers don't know too much about the individual suitors yet. Ryan's bio on the ABC website, though, describes him as "an adventurous risk-taker from Philly,” as well as a fan of hiking and rock climbing. He works as a data analyst to improve healthcare for women and is apparently a "skilled tightrope walker." It's unclear why he's known as "Roller Boy Ryan."

Samantha shared the texts from Ryan on Twitter, saying he asked her out "in the weirdest way." She then went on to wish Hannah (aka the current Bachelorette) good luck.

Here's a full transcription of Ryan's messages:

Good morning Sam! This is Ryan Spirko from tavern on broad last night...I think I'm undefeated against this birthday so far, cause surprisingly I'm not too hung over this morning! It was great meeting you last night!

Also, do I get one birthday wish today? Bold strategy using my entire single wish on this, I know...but as the kids say these days, you gotta risk it to get the biscuit.

Here goes nothing...for my birthday, Sam, I wish for a nice casual date. No expectations and nothing crazy...oh, with you of course. Ideally over something that I hold most dear in my heart...you guessed it, ice cream. So the ball is in your court Sam. All I need to know is if my one birthday wish can come true. If so, we can pick a day for the most romantic casual ice cream date of your life!

P.S. - I know the whole "tell someone your wish and it won't come true" adage, but not a worry at all...I've already done the due diligence and according to Section 3, Article 5 of the birthday wish handbook, if the girl is above a 9 in beauty and attractiveness then she has the power to override and grant the wish as she sees fit.

While Samantha found the texts from Ryan to be weird, Twitter disagreed with her take. She got a ton of replies about how sweet the messages were. "This guy seems sweet and adorable?" one person wrote.

"Was this really that bad? I mean it's cheesy but isn't that about the worst you could say about it? Putting this dude on crazy blast. Wow," another replied.

Bachelor alum Caroline Lenny chimed in, as well, saying "Awww... yeah, this is a lil dorky... but so sweet. I hate this girl for sharing this and making fun of him for being vulnerable and putting himself out there."

What do you think about the texts?

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