Lil Nas X Crashed A Wedding at Disney World & Danced with the Bride



Lil Nas X's smash hit "Old Town Road" has been absolutely everywhere over the last year, and has undoubtedly made it on to the dance floor at many weddings. And, for one lucky couple in Orlando, they not only danced to the tune on their special day, they got to do it with the recording artist himself when he crashed their wedding!

Over the weekend (Feb. 22), Lil Nas X shared footage of him crashing the wedding at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In the clip, fans can see him taking the bride by the hand as they made their way onto the dance floor among their family and friends to then dance to "Old Town Road" together. Everyone was completely shocked by the unexpected appearance with one wedding guest exclaiming, "What the f*** is happening right now?!"

On Twitter, Lil Nas X wrote along with the amazing video, "just crashed a wedding at Disney World" — and if that's not a major bucket list achievement ladies and gents, I don't know what is.

The surprise drop-in scored Lil Nas X a lot of wedding invites as fans on social media were asking him to crash their weddings — some even just made it a formal invitation.

Elsewhere in Disney, the "Rodeo" rapper posed for pictures with fans as one shared a group picture while wearing Minnie Mouse ears writing, "thinking abt how you didn’t say panini once when we met."

Lil Nas X also appeared at a dance party hosted by Bert's Big Adventure, which is a nonprofit organization that brings children suffering from chronic and terminal illnesses to Disney World. The organization shared a picture from the event featuring a group of young kids in cowboy hats with the artist and wrote, "Lil Nas X surprised us at our dance party! The kiddos promptly lost their minds, and everyone was on their feet and singing along while the rapper performed his record-breaking hit, 'Old Town Road.' He was so kind and thoughtful – arriving with an autographed hat for each kiddo to wear during his performance. In addition, he graciously posed for so many photos and commemorated the evening by having the Bert’s Big Adventure kiddos and siblings sign his hat too! It was an experience to last a lifetime!"

Photo: Getty Images